OSMAN TÜZÜN GARANTI BANK Executive Vice President
Our employer branding journey started 9 years ago. We did a lot both for the new comers and existing employees.  We go to university campuses to attract the new comers and offer various actives & events for the employees to increase engagement. Our offerings to our existing employees are inline with their values and they color their lifes, make it easier and more joyous for them. After all our efforts on employer branding of years, we are benchmarked by a lot of national and international companies. Employer branding is becoming more and more popular in Turkey and we want to be in an international environment , thats why we are sponsoring People Make the Brand Conference for the last three years. Different companies from very distinct sectors share their best practices on numerous subjects. People Make the Brand  is ‘the’ event for the companies which want to strengthen their employer brand. 

- ESTEE LAUDER Turkey Human Resources Director
People Make the Brand is great with one word, with its diversified and authentic content, and being the first and only employer branding conference. Global speakers and attendees, transparent research results, speakers from ideal employers and their employer branding journeys created the difference and People Make the Brand is a conference of international norms. You did a great job Dinamo Team, and Evrim Kuran.

SEÇİL NAMRUK - KPMG Turkey Human Resources Director
People Make the Brand is an important platform with its effective role in setting the vision and trends by getting employers together with focus on ‘human’ and removing the boundaries. Helps us to understand the role and motives of human in todays business world when expressing the cultural, generational and demographic differences. 

 KPMG Senior Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications

I am attending People Make the Brand for the last two years. Every conference give me a new insight about the employer branding journey of KPMG. I can genuinely say ‘Why do people make the brand?’ question is answered in every speech and case study I’ve ever listened at the conference. I am deeply influenced by Evrim Kuran’s quotation from Carl Jung and it took its place on my board at the office. ‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’.

CANAN ERESER UNILEVER Employer Brand Specialist
Apart from capturing the colorful world of employer branding, People Make the Brand  have an educational aspect, which helps us find our way to lead the change and do more as global companies.

GENCO ORKUN GENÇ LinkedIn Senior Relationship Manager
PMtB is like a fresh air on todays business world where employer branding is perceived as company picnics, heart shaped cookies on desks. It states that a strong employer brand is valid on good and hard times, its stakeholders are not people they are whole company. It is the first event on my 2015 agenda. 

CLAUDIA TATTANELLI UNIVERSUM Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board
I would say without hesitation that People Make the Brand is one of the best conferences I have ever been to for the caliber of speakers, extraordinary content, unique, exquisitely elegant setting and impeccable state of the art organisation. From the beginning to the end you feel it's a 6 star event! It is nowadays almost impossible to go to a conference and because that all sessions will be same level and that true best practices never shared before to the public but somehow People Make the Brand makes it happen. Also it's so rare to hear straight from the global heads of Talent acquisition and branding and recruiting yet People Make the Brand attracts year after year incredible speakers from the top employers.

People Make the Brand Conference was excellent. It covered so much content and practical application of how branding projects work. I've discovered how important employer branding is to engage employees with businesses. I also had an opportunity to network with many professionals and exchange ideas and opinions. I am looking forward to participating in "People Make the Brand Conference" in 2015.

SENEM YILMAZ ENERJİSA Corporate Communications Process Leader
People Make the Brand is the only platform where employer brand management examined thoroughly. Follow People Make the Brand to hear all about international cases and be aware of target audience trends.

It is exciting for both communications and HR professionals to have an international conference such as People Make The Brand today because even the definition of employer branding was not very well known in the business context only some five years ago.  “People Make The Brand” stands as a valuable door that opens us to the globe. I have been a participant at People Make the Brand for two years and gain significant input as a professional; and I believe the impact of this organization will double in the upcoming years. 

People Make the Brand Conference is an important platform which brings employers and universities together. It creates a great opprtunity for the recruitment and career plans of university graduates. We need to cooperate more to support the future of the youth.

Anyone cares what university students in Turkey want, desire, inspire from and what their aspirations & passsions are for their future and careers? Universum do. And they ask not only Turkish youth, but students all over the World. Universum mirrors the profile of students with different backgrounds. This is a breakthrough study not only helping employers of future reconsider their HR policies, but also offering a great source for us, educational managers. And new horizons are open in People Make the Brand Conference each year where all research findings are shared. It was a great experience to collaborate with Evrim Kuran who dedicated her life to understanding generations and Arda Ertem, who succesfully runs the research operations in Turkey.