A BRAND, It is more than a name, a logo, a product or a service. It is an attitude, a consistent expression of who you are as a company. An EMPLOYER BRAND is no different. It is made up of the perceptions of your current and potential employees about what it is like to work there.

During the last decade, demographic changes, globalization and the rise of the knowledge worker have been urging organizations to consider their human assets more seriously. Announcing vacancies is no more enough. And it is not about pay anymore. In the talent market, meaning has become the new currency.

As we all now agree, a powerful Employer Brand is the most effective attraction and retention tool you can ever have; yet, that’s why it’s also the hardest to achieve and sustain.

People Make the Brand, where the comparative results of Universum - Most Attractive Employers of Turkey Survey are shared every year, has the aim of providing its audience with the opportunity to gain first-hand insights into some leading organizations’ winning practices in different industries. Throughout the day, participants have the chance to get into why and how these companies have executed strategic and sustainable people practices, which have contributed significantly to their organizational successes. People Make the Brand has been on its way to inspire professionals from all industries, researchers, academicians, entrepreneurs since 2013.

The 7th People Make the Brand Employer Branding Conference has been held on 29th November 2019 at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul.